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With the main market, but the Russian market was already a large number of sunglasses brand. Through investigation, then Russian Duqiao sunglasses found mostly glass, only a few plastic lenses. So they seize this opportunity, in a very short time, Duqiao colored plastic sunglasses successfully entered the Russian market, and sales continue to increase.
In Brazil the preparation of glasses wholesale
Although the large export volume, but there are many deficiencies Duqiao glasses. According to the local industrial and commercial department, Duqiao glasses industry 20 billion in sales, but the annual output value of over 50 million best place to buy fake ray bans enterprises with only one. More than 700 companies, with a variety of more than 900 registered trademarks only, but only the truly famous "Long Special Dream", "Kai Tai" and so few. Most enterprises are mainly processing, rather than the independent production, which limits Duqiao glasses.
It is understood that, in order to enhance Duqiao eyewear brand, introduced the cultivation of quality Duqiao for the optical industry, the brand promotion program that will enhance the image of the market Duqiao glasses through various means, the Duqiao playing both of quantity but also quality "Kingdom of glasses."
Duqiao currently in Sao Paulo government is preparing buy fake ray bans online to build a new glasses wholesale market. This will be the third city of glasses Duqiao Following Moscow, Dubai, established abroad. Once in Dubai, Sao Paulo market reached the level of Moscow, Duqiao glasses base will truly become the first city of China's optical industry.
A long time ago, there was a more ancient than the substance of human civilization, it is the glass. Meteorite hit the Earth, volcanic eruptions, lightning split the sky can clear quartz sand over the plastic is hard, brittle, more or less opaque best website to buy fake ray bans glass. In the long ago, Stone Age, the ancestor who had learned to separate the pieces of quartz glass meat and plants.
Until the development of human civilization to be able to be obsidian, volcanic glass melting, it appears artificial glass. The melting temperature of the glass up to 1500 ℃. The most ancient Mesopotamian glass synthesis in Mesopotamia 3000 BC until 2000 BC in ancient Egypt was more common. 100 BC, the Egyptians will be introduced to the Roman glass, then the transparency of the glass is poor, there is a little cloudy. where can i buy fake ray bans online After melting, cooling experience, flat glass can be used as a mirror or a window.
With the advent of 100 BC glass blowing process, and the wisdom of ancestors gradually creating bottles, cans, wine and lamps.
2000 years ago at the beginning of the beginning of a new era, Roman-Cordoban Seneca found through the convex glass filled with water can be seen in the letters enlarged (Figure 1), but he did not scratch the surface of this phenomenon further fake ray bans online research applications. The reason appears Seneca observed phenomenon is interpreted as a bottle of water seen through the letters "swollen" like a water-soaked wood swells same.