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The 11th century, Mesopotamia of Alhazen wrote: smooth fake ray bans sale convex glass can change the size of the object observed, but he did not this phenomenon can be used to improve the human condition and its linked. In the 13th century, the great Venetian will be able to magnify objects convex phenomenon extends further, to promote the emergence of artificial lenses, and for improving the vision of the elderly.
Venice and the Fourth Crusade
From the beginning of the 10th century, Venetian glass production has already begun, but the production process have until after the Fourth Crusade of Byzantine glass improved, improved.
During the 11th century to the 13th century, the Roman Christian believe in the country was invaded by the Muslims try to occupied Jerusalem, which appeared in the Eighth Crusade. During the 1202-1204 year Fourth Crusade, when the Roman Christians where to buy fake ray bans online mainly Germany Wang Jun and Venice officials, they invaded and ransacked the Christian Orthodox Byzantine city of Constantinople. This period of improved Venetian glass production process, glass and other cultural period produced more perfect than transparent.
Venice fled to Constantinople craftsmen continue to improve the production process. A few years later, out of the production process Cheats protection, Venetian glass making industry officials the entire family moved to the capital 1.5km from Venice's Murano and Venetian glass artists can not leave, if you want a short leave, artists Required The wife and children remain in Murano as collateral, if not go back and wait for his wife fake ray bans website and children would be killed. Whereby the glass making process and to protect the secret, Murano glass industry has become the center of the Kingdom.
Constantinople, Venice during the commercial production of glass has its own unique characteristics. Sand, feldspar from the country. Higher silicon content of volcanic glass. The main ingredient is silica sand, followed aragonite calcium carbonate that is; feldspar mainly sodium aluminosilicate, potassium or calcium aluminosilicate, usually more transparent, moderate hardness.
Glass technicians with a wealth of experience to determine the fake ray bans for sell optimum temperature of the glass shaping, addition of sodium to reduce the melting temperature of the glass, slow the hardening process, so as to provide more time shaping; nitrates, arsenic is to eliminate air bubbles; oxidation Lead increases the transparency of the glass, but its brightness and reflective of the decreased; manganese oxide glass colorless; potassium carbonate glass brightness is lower than lead oxide glass, carbon, glass is given a darker color.
Birth glasses
In the windows, mirrors, container, glass ornaments, and many other uses, dense and hard convex received special attention, because for jewelers in terms of whether it is round, teardrop-shaped, or other shapes, from the aesthetic point of view both fake ray bans online are excellent. Such a lens can be focused sunlight, produce relatively high temperatures, sometimes ignite the focused substance.